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Lucey the Luck Dragon - Crochet ( XL)

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Each Lucy is as unique as the child who adopts them! Each one of these colorful dragons encourages children to use their imagination for creative play, making them perfect for  an unplugged play environment.

Lucy is specially designed to help encourage early learning & provide comfort for children of all ages through sensory stimulation with the various textures, colors & uniquely shaped features.

Smaller children will love to learn to identify the different colors used on eyes, body & hair. This loving luck dragon makes a great comfort toy to cling to, and even keep scary things at bay like storms or bad dreams!

Parents can easily brighten a kid’s room and pull together a nursery or play room with a shelf full of color with this one-of-a-kind new friend.

Each "Lucy" is approximately 20" long x 14" tall, each one is painstakingly handstitched in Nevadas' Truckee Meadows and she can't wait to fly into your childs arms and hearts!

Children all over have already adopted these dragons, and she can be passed down from child to child through the years! This dragon is of the highest quality craftsmanship you will see anywhere, and are truly one-of-a-kind.